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Misery Aches has, so far, been the site of four murders tonight. Let's see if anyone else drops dead by the time Act VI is finished.

We're in the familiar location of the Colonel's bedroom, but there's something very unfamiliar in it - that wheelchair is looking very vacant. The Colonel must be up to no good somewhere else (or is just returning from his trip to the garden to bash Ethel). Even the narration is a bit suspicious of this.

Remember here? Yes, you always remember your first death. Finally, there's something else that we need to do in here.

To my annoyance, "look in bin" didn't recognize the noun, and then my next choice "look in trash" gave the misleading message that there was no point to doing that. But on the third attempt, finally...

Dreamy Sleepy Nightie Snoozy-Snooze. It's banned in most European countries, which means it's really good.

How long have you been an adventure game protagonist?! Get that thing out of the bin again and take a closer look.

I love how unintentionally comical that description is. "Oh-oh!" Why this item is here was already obvious - now it's blatant. All that remains is to see who winds up dead.

Taking a shower still kills you, by the way.

Well, let's see how Fifi and Jeeves are after dressing to kill. (Sorry, that was the best I could come up with.)

This is more like it! A proper scare chord stabs through the Adlib card as the right-hand half of the room is revealed, making me jump out of my seat. The narration remains flaccid, like something from a Scooby Doo cartoon, but the reveal of this death was miles better than the casual discoveries we'd made before.

It's also a shame that Jeeves in particular was the joint first to die in the house, because I was so looking forward to a scene with him stoically wandering into the murder room and calmly hoovering up the body to keep the place tidy.

I could tell you, if you like.

An ENTIRE BOTTLE of Dreamy Sleepy Nightie Snoozy-Snooze!

The walkthrough (the main one I'm using, that is) now tells me to examine the decanter with the monocle again. The fingerprint that we saw there earlier remains there... but I'm almost sure that there was no white powder in it before? So that fingerprint means nothing if it was there before the drink was fatally spiked. And in any case, all it tells us is that a fingerprint exists - we have no idea who made it or have any means to identify that. So a fingerprint is there on a glass decanter that tons of people have handled. Thanks a lot.

Had nobody invented poison yet in 1925 or something?

Well, leaving them to rot, it's time to do a little more spying in the passage between our bedroom and Clarence/Rudy's. Time will speed up again briefly during this exchange, even though all I'm doing is turning around on the spot.

"Dear Diary, family is nuts as ever and I hate them all. Can't wait until Livejournal's invented."

"Dear Diary, have got rid of four troublemakers so far - I mean... quiet night, everyone seems to have gone to bed. Can't wait until backspace is invented."

It's a glass and it's got a fingerprint on it as well. Using the monocle like this had the potential to be an interesting detail, but it's a shame that they missed the point quite so badly. At least I can have a word with my most trusted informant.

That's interesting... the parrot seems particularly attuned to Clarence's voice as everything it's said came from him so far. If that pattern holds true here, Clarence was looking for Gloria (who he left in the billiard room and who never moved from there) - meaning that Clarence was not the one who murdered her. Unless, of course, he just happened to be looking for her when she was in the bathroom, came back in here cursing his missing of an easy kill, then eventually found and strangled her after this. So... in other words it's not really a sign of anything after all.

Let's check on that weapon cabinet again and... oh no.

Lillian was looking quite fondly at these before, wasn't she?

Spot the difference! Yes, the dagger's gone. I have a feeling that we're going to see that embedded in somebody in the not too distant future.

The clock is running fast again as Rudy, oblivious, recommends we go to bed and hope we don't die before the morning. But I think I need to talk to somebody sane first.

In another unusual situation, this time performing an action leads us to leave Act 6 instead of changing location. Before we go, though, let's take a moment to look at the updated relationship diagram once again.

Being a sleuth isn't too difficult - all we have to do is endure the events of this game until only one of these boxes is left highlighted. Seems a winning formula to me.
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