Date: 2017-05-21 12:20 am (UTC)
davidn: (Jam)
From: [personal profile] davidn
The graphics are definitely really good for EGA - I'd previously held up Commander Keen 4 as a game that I couldn't quite believe was only EGA when I went back to it, but the Colonel's Bequest really squeezes a lot out of its limited colour palette.

One of the reasons for this is... bizarrely, the backgrounds as they're stored in the game aren't really EGA - they're drawn with more colours and then rendered into EGA by dithering the colours that EGA can't display. As a consequence, you can actually use a modern source port like ScummVM to display the full colour backgrounds as they're actually stored. I'll talk more about this strange choice at the end.

The thing you mentioned about the Colonel's attitude to Ethel makes sense, though I got a line out of one character (Fifi, maybe?) that he was really ashamed of her for becoming what she is. So I don't know. And you're right that the thread of nobody seeming to actually notice or care about the murders seems to have prevailed. Maybe things like this are just a normal evening around this place.
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