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Buried Souls - demo version release!

I haven't even posted all the songs from The Poison Skies yet, and another album is well on its way! Here's the demo version of the upcoming Albion release Buried Souls, with the first two tracks as well as some clips from the rest of the album.

I was seriously floored when the artwork landed in my inbox this morning - it's by the amazing MylaFox. I found her by chance through her artwork on Tumblr, and knew she had to be the artist for the album as soon as I saw her wonderful Undertale artwork. She's an amazing artist, has had great enthusiasm for the project and she really captured exactly what was in my head.

Enjoy the intro and title track - the rest should be coming by the start of 2018.

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[personal profile] xaq_the_aereon 2017-07-23 07:33 am (UTC)(link)
The artwork is appropriately stunning given how excellent the album is so far. Myla gave your album the cover artwork it deserves for certain. :D