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Our first outing as a group was through the forest to the north of the town. I can't remember my companions' names, but in the spirit of how they greeted me I have chosen to call them Bigman, Specs and Pretzelhair. They told me that creatures were likely to live in the long grass, but actively encouraged me to rustle through and try to find some. They also explained to me that I could throw the Pokeballs I'd bought once they were at low health to somehow cram them into a tiny interdimensional space rather than the (possibly preferable to them) outcome of knocking them out.

In my walk around the woods so far I have accrued a sort of robin-thing called Rob-Bob (only noticing it was female later on), a monkey with a bush growing out of its head called Thaltha, a rabbit with hands for ears which I named Bunbun, a Scatterbug so nondescript that I couldn't be bothered to name it, and a caterpillar which I attempted to name Spike but the game wouldn't allow me to do it for some reason. Against my will I was forced to go with the hipster yuppie parent alternative "Spycke" instead. Maybe I'll give him a fedora.

So far our objective seems to be wandering around to meet other trainers, then beating up their pets and taking their dinner money. I did attempt to throw a Pokeball at one of the combatants for my collection, but it was deflected away and I was chastised for stealing - just before winning the fight and stealing P100 off the girl instead. I don't know what the local currency is - possibly Pokemoney.

I've been experimenting with some other abilities, and my Fennekin, Lugs, had an ability called "Tail Whip" that sounded promising, but on trying it I was disappointed that the ability would better be called "Bumwiggle", doing no damage but somehow lowering the morale of the opposing creature. I also have to remember not to concentrate on him exclusively and to allow the ones captured in the wild to level up as well - I've noticed that experience doesn't get divided among them at the end of a fight and they all get the full complement of experience as long as they did something during the fight, and therefore I'm making fights longer than they need to be in order to allow even the comparatively useless-seeming Scatterbug to get some points before I sell him off to a glue factory.
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I've just woken up in a strange world where my head is marginally more large and out of proportion than in real life. I got up and found that I was the only person in the world to have bought a Wii U, then confusedly went downstairs, where my enormous-bottomed mother explained to me that we had just moved to a new town and encouraged me to go outside and meet the neighbours.

A couple of girls came past and said that they would wait for me in the next town over, which seemed like a stupid arrangement to me until I saw that it was about four inches away. They called me over to a table and I met up with their gang, who I was shocked to hear mulling over nicknaming me "D-Meister" or "Big D" (and, much less flattering, Lil' D) despite barely knowing me. Because I was pretty sure I wasn't a hip-hop artist, I told them to call me "David" instead (or anything as long as it wasn't "Dave".) They presented a case of red and white balls to me, and I chose the middle one to find that I was suddenly the owner of a little yellow fox thing with the most adorable huge fluffy ears - I have christened it "Lugs".

To my surprise, the girl with the more preposterous of the hairstyles tapped me on the shoulder and encouraged me to set the fox down opposite the little plant creature that she had chosen. Unsure what to do, I vaguely told the little fox to attack, and the girl seemed a bit surprised when her plant monster caught fire and fell over.

This seemed to impress the gang, who gave me a letter from a professor called Sycamore, which said that due to my skill at beating up small mammals I had been chosen to join some sort of cockfighting world tour. I went back to break the news to my mother, but she was shockingly proud of me and only insisted on giving me a packed lunch for the journey. On my way out the door I was stopped by the fountain crawling on to the front path and growling at me - my mother introduced me to what was actually our pet stone rhino thing, which made me feel much, much weirder about riding it earlier.

The rest of the gang told me to prepare in the world's most comically specialized shops, one of which exclusively sold Pokeballs and one across the street that only sold Potions - I took ten of each, not knowing whether that was far too few or if that meant I would never need to get any more ever agan... and then I headed over the bridge and into the forest. I think this is going to be interesting.

(I'm trying something new - hopefully I'll keep this up!)

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