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I took a request for my Big Band autoplayer and fed in a MIDI of the overture for Handel's Messiah. Unfortunately one of the notes was out of Player 2's range, and... things took a turn for the violent.

I really like the way that after Big Band 2 just throws his trumpet down and kicks the other in the head, the input for "start playing the trumpet" comes up often enough to make it look like one of them is desperately trying to continue the song - the first player looks like he's earnestly trying to continue the first time only to repeatedly take a trombone to the nuts.

I think the accidental fighting AI plays slightly better than I do.

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I downloaded competitive jiggle-em-up Skullgirls a couple of weeks ago and have been having a lot of fun with it. But being the person that I am, it inspired a coding task.

As an aside from the normal character roster, one of the bonus characters (and to date only male fighter in the game) is Big Band, who appears to be an anthropomorphic saxophone, and his signature move is to pull out his trumpet, whereupon your controller turns into a set of valves that you can use to tootle at your opponent.

So I chose to spend a couple of evenings writing a little background program to get the anthropomorphic saxophone character Big Band to play MOD music. Here's a brief explanation - it features Ode to Joy and The Day the Night Slept!


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