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davidn ([personal profile] davidn) wrote2017-06-02 01:42 pm
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The Poison Skies embed

I'm testing out embedding music on here, because God knows engagement has gone down absolutely everywhere else. Here's the title track from The Poison Skies, an album by me and [personal profile] kjorteo. And I think it's pretty good!

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[personal profile] kjorteo 2017-06-03 12:15 am (UTC)(link)
This just keeps reminding me how much I need to get back to working on The Afflicted one of these days! I had a short little adult fic I wanted to do just to blow off steam because I'd been working on my novel for like six or eight years nonstop and just needed a break, but then the fic scope-crept out of control and now that's the all-consuming project.

I'm definitely thrilled with this entire album, though. :D And the embed seems to have worked!