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Kill or be killed! I made this video a while ago but just realized tonight that I hadn't got around to posting it anywhere that I usually put my music. Exciting things are underway, because this week I received and shipped out a bulk order from SA Music, a specialty metal music shop in Osaka - my music is going to be physically sold in a store for the first time!

This must be the most straightforwardly heavy song I've ever written - after the choirs and excess of the opening song I tried to keep this as purely guitar-led as possible, and it doesn't even use the string-like keyboard chord background instrument that's a staple of my music. I accidentally made up for it by just having a million choir vocals going at the same time instead. Celine makes a return here as the voice of Flowey, after lending her voice to Girard on The Poison Skies, and I love how the growls punctuate Flowey's mantra during the chorus. Apart from the Once Upon a Time introduction, it's also probably the song that follows the music of the game the most closely, as the verses are a minor version of Flowey's famous demented theme.

My daughter Penny influenced my music for the first time here! I was playing an early draft of the song playing on my phone, and as she'd just started to crawl, she decided to make her way over and curiously attempt to fit the entire thing in her mouth. The result was a filtered, phased guitar sound just as the first chorus ended - and it sounded so good that I recreated it immediately.
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I'm testing out embedding music on here, because God knows engagement has gone down absolutely everywhere else. Here's the title track from The Poison Skies, an album by me and [personal profile] kjorteo. And I think it's pretty good!

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