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I prepared this video just before leaving the house and forgot to post it here! Again written by Hato Moa and presented by Xaq, this is a chapter that centres around sexy and suave (and gradual?) Yuuya and his own reasons for being in this academy of craziness. Naturally it features a large amount of innuendo, along with a large amount of depression when Kazuaki wakes up and starts taking a lesson.

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Two videos tonight! One is a chapter of Hatoful Kareshi featuring everyone's favourite racist aristocratic git, and the second is a special treat in one of my more egregious examples of completely overdoing things.


I have to mention that [livejournal.com profile] xaq is doing as good a job as ever at translating the manga into visual novel form - I was massively confused by the sudden visit to the Twilight Zone this week where nothing makes any sense, but it turns out that the manga is even less coherent than that. I'm no longer sure what to think about anything.

So tonight, we generously repaid Xaq by causing him near-death from hyperventilation. This is an improvisation game that I sprang on everyone after finishing the chapter, where two pairs of victims performers are given a scenario and have to construct letters by alternating words with each other. It took a couple of rounds to find our feet (and I've edited out some thinking time a bit!) but by the third round... amazing things happened.

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I had a dream about Hatoful! This time, it was about a super-super-secret path in the original game, though I can't remember what you had to do to unlock it and am afraid to try... the main character of the route was a cockerel who was investigating a murder (I don't think it was the same one as in the game), and was voiced by [livejournal.com profile] ravenworks in a hard-boiled film noir private investigator voice - he was chosen as the actor because the character was somehow related by family to Mister Death.

Unusually, we were all in the same room to record. We were doing it on my laptop, and I found it very difficult to tell whether I'd got the recording setup right in an unfamiliar environment.

Still. In real recordings, we did two more Hatoful Kareshi chapters recently, those of Fujushiro Nageki and Higure Anghel. And it’s only by reading the manga through along with the video that I appreciate just how much [livejournal.com profile] xaq does for these! I had no idea just how little of the dialogue we’ve been reading actually came from Moa - it’s all expanded to take advantage of the extra space we have and the characterizations that we've given the birds, and yet it’s never recognizable as something that wouldn’t have been said in the actual game. (I was particularly thrilled that "pompous feather-duster" was his own invention.) So all praises to Xaq, even more than usual.


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This weekend, we went back to Undertale and showed it what we intended to do the first time - namely, restart fresh and survive the game without any huge lingering feelings of guilt and heartbreak. It must be said that it didn't go quite as we had intended.


Apparently, in addition to all the Psycho Mantis trickery that we went through above, if you're on really bad paths then you'll get additional bloodthirsty dialogue in red text and Flowey will occasionally peek out at you from the corners of the screen. All this adds up to make it clear that Undertale is an immensely clever game. I am never playing it again.
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After the prerequisite number of technical difficulties artificially put in place by Google, we got together to record the first chapter of Moa’s Hatoful manga! Thanks especially to [livejournal.com profile] xaq for this one, as he was the one who had the idea of creating a visual novel for the manga - and I didn’t realize until I read the original again what a good adaptation it was, with some ad libbing that I never even noticed to make it a little more suited to the new format.

Additionally, apologies go to him and [livejournal.com profile] budgiebin, as apparently I was in a bit of a mean mood during the start of this video!

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It's the final part of the Undertale demo! In this, we realize what we now have to do, and head to the final confrontation, which I attempt to resolve in the most peaceful manner possible.

Please have a supply of buckets for tears on standby, and curb any temptations for extreme violence towards plants that this video might unexpectedly awaken in you.

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It's part three of the Undertale demo! In this one, we complete our exploration of the caves and find somewhere we feel a lot more comfortable, then rapidly become much more uncomfortable again.

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Having just remembered I was doing these videos - here's the second part of Undertale! In this, we're left alone in the dungeon, explore the odd battle/anti-battle system and conclude with a faceoff against the eccentric ghost Napstablook.


Sorry about taking the boulder voice immediately! My brain had been a bit melted by that point and I had forgotten that there were other people still waiting (and that it is dangerous for me to attempt a Texas accent).
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Remember when we got together to do Undertale in between all the other videos that I was in over the last week? Well, I eventually did - and as a courtesy to those who might like to see themselves, here at last is the first part! And the first video under the Team Hatoful name - I've had a go at producing a logo that mimics the game's style, but I'm trying to be aware that I currently have complete closed-box control over how these videos look in the end, so if anyone has an alternative they'd like to propose, feel free.

This was a bit of a challenge to edit because it's a cross between the Hatoful style of editing where I just patch it up (including about fifteen cumulative minutes of Google-inflicted technical difficulties just in the first part) and include every spoken line, and the Stumbling style where I pick and choose the funny or notable bits. This is a very different game to stream from Hatoful - there's not so much voice acting as commenting along and reacting together.

The first twenty minutes of the game are an interesting start to an RPG, where it's gradually made clear to you - in multiple layers - that things here work in mysterious ways (and so do [livejournal.com profile] kjorteo's vocal cords). Just when it looks like you're about to be on your own, you're mothered through the introductory puzzles, and introduced to a battle system that involves complimenting your opponent's appearance and then inviting them over for breakfast.


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