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Spelunky gives you a tough life. Instead of opening up the levels of the game as you go, you have to reach them from the previous stratum three times and complete certain requests before you're given the shortcut to reach there from the starting cave. These requests come from the Tunnel Man, who usually needs bombs or ropes or perhaps a shotgun to progress in his subterranean mining operation - but this time, he asked me for something that was not a small request!

This is the journal of me and my partner the key, venturing through the Mines, Jungle and Ice Caves in a twenty-minute video cut from two and a half hours of gameplay. The video is presented unbleeped to give you the full gibbering frustration experience.

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It's a Stumbling Through sequel! This time, to show how much better I've got at the game (ahem) since the first attempt, I set myself the challenge of getting all the way through the mines and jungle into the game's third stratum. And... well, I made it. Eventually.

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Here’s a video for today! As usual, I’m playing a game far too late - here is my very first exploration through old-style exploration platformer Spelunky. In fact, I came to this so late that there was already a remake out by the time I got there.


Playing this game involves the precise use of bombs, and the video goes about as well as you could expect given that piece of information.

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