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This time in the war against whoever we’re fighting against (I’ve honestly forgotten by now), we have to push our way with tanks and trucks across a heavily defended suspension bridge. Our teamwork and coordination truly come to the forefront here - but if you think those are bad, just watch the bots attempting to drive.


I’ve tried to make the cuts on this one a bit longer on average, at least at the beginning, so that it’s easier to follow… and I think that this is my favourite level yet - mostly because of the bots’ unquenchable enthusiasm demonstrated at 10:00.
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I'm back from holiday (and into a long weekend!) - here's another Unreal Tournament 3 level, a vehicle Capture the Flag game. There have been a few parts of this queued up for a while - they're dead easy to edit but a bother to finalize, because I've been making such special efforts to adequately communicate a plot that makes no sense.

Still, battle vehicles and tight corners - what could go wrong? (You know by now.)


Also features a guest star of sorts at 4:20ish, and a massive cube of jelly for some reason.
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Unreal Tournament 3 continues to be unusual among the usual genre and time point of my videos, but if you watch only one of these, I promise... watch this one! Because, as if we hadn’t been provided with enough ways to seriously injure ourselves during the course of the campaign so far, in this one someone has entrusted us with a tank. Hilarity ensues.

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After a small break, [livejournal.com profile] rakarr and I return to Unreal Tournament 3, where we have a lot of fun racing around the city on hoverboards protecting Malcolm's threads (whatever that means).

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Two new videos this time, as both of them are rather short. In them, we get our first taste of gameplay in the Capture the Flag and Warfare modes - I've chosen to showcase the fourth one because it's much funnier, directly due to some ill-advised person giving us access to hovercrafts.

Mission 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyR7qj2gFzA

Mission 4: http://youtu.be/x3EYkJKkynk
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At last, here's the second chapter of the great Unreal Tournament 3 project - I've worked out how to get it to upload in high-definition so this time you might even be able to see what's going on.

This time, you can see [livejournal.com profile] rakarr and I having a great deal of difficulty getting past level... er... two. Our mission as given by surrogate Samuel L Jackson is to join with the Izanagi to eliminate the scouts from somewhere or other, I don't know, it's a team battle - that's all you need to know. Technical issues still feature, but rather less prominently than they did in part 1.

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I'm opening another Stumbling Through, which if all goes to plan, I'll do alongside a new Team Hatoful project! This one is a small change of pace from Super Metroid to a game about flying through space shooting each other with big guns - it's Unreal Tournament 3, and [livejournal.com profile] rakarr and I are going through the cooperative mode together. (It's still an old game, though - it came out six years ago. Frightening, isn't it?)

It's probably one of the very few cooperative videos around over the past six years because I didn't realize at first the Unreal Tournament 3 requires a degree in network engineering to get it to run - I was hunting through masses of config files to set it up how we needed it, and I install distributed medical software as part of my job so I'm used to doing that to set things up, but I forgot that... games aren't usually like that. Now I see why, despite being a great sequel to the UT99 at heart, the game never really took off.


Doing a cooperative play introduced its own unique editing challenges, and super-professionally, the style of this video changes halfway through - we didn't do this for every match, but going forward with the series, I'll be putting his view inset on my own where we have it. But at least here you can watch the completely unnecessary introduction, followed by us finding our feet against the computer-controlled tutorial-bot and later ally Jester.

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