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Finally reaching the end of my almost realtime coverage of Epic Megagames' releases in 1993! This video covers three games from a group of developers in Poland that were later packaged together as the Epic Puzzle Pack. These are Robbo and Heartlight, which are puzzle games, and Electro Man, which isn't.

During the video, I release the first game-related thing I've done in a very long time - a rudimentary editor for Heartlight, which is downloadable here.
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I'm honestly not sure how I'm keeping up this schedule while taking care of a rapidly developing toddler, but here is another Epic video! I'm still covering 1993, during which Epic somehow managed to release about five years' worth of games. This video covers their brief experiment with publishing games for Windows 3.1!

Featured here are Castle of the Winds by Rick Saada and Dare to Dream by a developer you may have heard of called Cliff Bleszinski. It also shows Xargon, which was Allen Pilgrim's second game that took a lot from Kiloblaster and Jill of the Jungle.
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Somehow I finished this one a week early compared to my usual three-week timeline!

Continuing coverage of Epic's improbably gigantic year in 1993 - I'm now two videos into it and have covered about half the games they released during that year. Once again, the genres that Epic published are all over the place, and the games covered are:

The justifiably famous Epic Pinball
The completely obscure Epic Baseball
Top-down shooter Zone 66 by Renaissance
One of the very few shareware CRPGs, Ancients by Farr-Ware
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1993 was a ridiculously large year for Epic where they released about twelve games. This video covers Solar Winds and Silverball by James Schmalz (now of Digital Extremes) and Ken's Labyrinth by Ken Silverman. It also includes footage of a quasi-official followup, Ken's Labyrinth II!
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Continuing my look through the back catalogue of the great Epic Megagames, covering their history from ZZT to Unreal Tournament! This episode is about the first four graphical games that Epic released in 1992 - it’s called Ventures in VGA even though one of them isn’t.

Features Jill of the Jungle, Kiloblaster, Brix and Overkill.
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I'm opening up a new video project (and the thing that I really came up with the Stumbling Tours rebranding for) - it's the history of Epic MegaGames! This will be an occasional video series, because I don't get nearly the amount of time that I used to to work on these things - but I'll take it from their very beginning to the release of Unreal Tournament in 1999.

This first video covers ZZT and its successors. Originally I'd meant to do more, but I talked about them for twenty minutes and felt that that was long enough for a first part already.


I'm trying to make a conscious effort to speak more slowly, as I've had a few people say my rapid Scottish accent makes it difficult to keep up with me - it's a struggle and I still find myself slipping!

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