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I had two dreams last night and they were both very stressful! I'm hoping that after a week with little sleep, it was just all the tension dissipating out of my system at once.

The first was about being at a hotel at a convention, except Whitney and her parents were there as well and I had to divide my time between the two groups. I kept losing where my room was - after going out of the main hotel part and into the convention centre rooms, I came back and I could never find where I was going among the identical corridors, as if the rooms were shifting around every time I left. Eventually I would find the reception desk and they would point me back in the right direction, but I kept forgetting things and having to go back... I was meant to deliver an album to someone in the Pictionary room and make it back in time for dinner at 7 with the family, but I think I ended up on a mountainside somewhere and then everything turned into Final Fantasy 6 after the end of the world and I don't even know any more.

The second - which might have led in from the first due to finding this in the game room or something - was a game that was something to do with Sonic and Zero Escape together, if you can believe it. In the context of the dream, this was the infamous ending puzzle to Sonic 06, even though nothing like this (or anything competently programmed at all) exists in the real game. After rushing through a space station with a countdown going, the last task was to decipher and input something called the Struggle Combo to prevent the space station exploding. The clue for it was this massive ring of symbols and colours that went through all the machinery in a big circular control room, and you could slide it around like a big horizontal wheel. Depending on the mode you had the game in, it had squares of colour that corresponded to the buttons on the Xbox controller, symbols that were meant to resemble the button letters but really didn't at all, and other things that I never worked out. After failing and restarting, you were given a time of five minutes to fly down from the vent you entered from and go back to the control room to start the process again.

The Struggle Combo was randomly generated for each player, and so there wasn't a solution available online, but people had written massive FAQs dedicated to how to work it out, including the types of symbols that could appear and how they related to each other. I never even came close.
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I had another dream last night! Shorter but just as weird.

I was taking care of [livejournal.com profile] budgiebin's house (which naturally wasn't anything like her house) while she was away, and let myself in the front door. On the doormat there was a small, beautiful golden bird who had been posted through the letterbox. I picked it up and stroked its head a little - it was fully conscious but completely unafraid of me.

I went through the kitchen and opened the small domed birdcage in the corner, which had a few other birds flitting about in it, and placed the bird among the others. It was happy enough, but because the other birds were so much higher-level than it, every time they brushed past it they would transfer their colour or one of their features on to a patch of the golden bird - its head would change, and become blue or green depending on the other birds around it. After just a few moments it was unrecognizable, having become a hovering snake-like creature, and I realized I should have kept it separate and started a different cage for low-level birds until they had enough experience to go in with the high-level ones.

I chose not to tell her about it.
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I had a dream again last night! It's been a very long time. As usual, either I don't remember my dreams at all or they're absolutely immense.

Whitney and I were on a long car journey (perhaps the dream was inspired by the trip we recently took to Washington DC) and we were looking for somewhere to stay the night. I don't know what attracted us to this particular place, but we found a blocky building on a university campus surrounded by a chain-link fence, and parked the car in a secluded corner next to the only entrance we could find from the road. I remember the layout of the building very clearly, and I've drawn it out to make the rest of this description a bit easier to follow.

We walked into the building through a small glass door and went through to a dimly-lit place that I'll call the A/V room - it was a mess, with assorted pieces of dated technology scattered around the floor and the available surfaces on the room. At the back there was a white plastic piece of machinery - the sort of look and feel that you get on medical devices - which had a blank screen a few feet wide mounted at the top, a robotic arm that either sprouted off the top of the screen or was attached to the ceiling, and a control pad with four translucent buttons on it marked with arrows. I took the pad, which was connected to the screen with a long cable that dangled down off the side of the screen, and tried to operate it but I couldn't work out how to control it.

There was a bed in the corner of the room near where we had come in, but I still didn't know where we were and went off to find the reception desk. I walked down a short corridor towards where I could see light (towards the north of the diagram), and entered a much brighter part of the building that looked like an upscale shopping centre, decorated for Christmas and with polished wood surfaces everywhere. It was busy, with throngs of people queuing up at the many gift shops - but I couldn't find a reception desk or someone to announce our presence to. I remember I found the front entrance somewhere and realized that people were paying for parking there, but I decided that our car would probably be safe and unnoticed where we had left it. Besides, I didn't want to go outside because it had started snowing.

I returned to the A/V room, where the robotic arm on the ceiling was now moving. It whirred around and grabbed a VHS tape from the floor, then spun again and carefully inserted it into a VCR that was part of the device with the screen. We still saw no picture, and I realized that the room had been set up so that a hacker could load the videos and transmit the medical lectures and notes on them to himself. Even though it looked like they were scattered around in a haphazard way, each tape had actually been meticulously placed, with the machine knowing the exact coordinates and orientation of each one so that it could pick up and load it. I remarked on what an elaborate plan it was, and how much easier it is now to get at files now that they're stored digitally.

I needed to find a bathroom before we could sleep, so I went in the same direction I had before, but didn't go into the corridor to the north this time, instead opening the door at the east end of the shorter corridor. This room had its lights turned off, but I could see two rows of small beds arranged one on each side of the room, each supporting an adult body that had a white sheet over it. As I looked around, a couple of them began to stir, and I backed out and tried elsewhere.

The next room I went into was to the south of the small corridor, and was very bright, the light exaggerated even more by the way the walls and floor were covered in gleaming white tiles. A glass wall with three doors in it separated the tiled area from a corridor that ran alongside it, and I headed for the door, opening it and stepping out into the corridor to the south. I turned and realized that the door was going to latch behind me and that I didn't know if I could get back - I tried putting my glove down on the floor so that the door couldn't close all the way but was still unsure.

Several people - older men in lab coats - were walking from elsewhere in the building down this corridor now on their way out. None of them seemed bothered that I was there, but one of them noticed that I was having trouble with the door and told me about its lock. He directed me to go back to the tiled side of the door and look at the mechanism, which was a small serrated piece of metal (not sharp - just a bit like a key sprouting off a rotating handle) that had to be turned correctly so that the door wouldn't latch. The door had to be closed to change it and it was soundproofed, so he had to mime exaggeratedly to me and I still couldn't get it right.

By this time, the people who had been in the room with all the beds had started to come into the white room - more and more of them came through the door that I had first entered the room by. They weren't threatening, just milling about - even so, I remember thinking of them as "zombies" in the dream. They were the specimens that were being kept in the lab, and I realized that I couldn't leave my side of the building and risk them getting out. As the man who had been talking to me had left, I decided I had to go and get Whitney to guard the door - even though by this time, a night-watch woman had arrived, and was looking up from the inside of a cylindrical bank of black monitors in stark contrast to the white of the room.

I went back to the A/V room and decided that I was uncomfortable staying the night - Whitney agreed and we gathered up our things and ran down a larger corridor (the location of which is unknown to me on the map) to escape. The specimens were chasing after us until we jumped through a door that had a drawbridge on it as it was closing - behind us, we heard the specimens falling into the water, and I remember saying that it was perfect to get them off our back and humiliate them at the same time.

We left to find somewhere else to stay.
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I had a dream that someone had rather nicely brought a batch of home-made muffins into work and left them in the kitchen for people to help themselves to. Not so nicely, they had baked bees into them. They said that this was a common thing where they came from, and that the bees tasted just like raisins. I opted to pick them out but found one in my mouth accidentally, and verified that it and raisins were equally revolting.


Jan. 26th, 2015 10:08 pm
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I had a Hatoful dream/semi-nightmare last night! It was about a secret route that we'd never discovered before, a choice that made an appearance in the infirmary under certain circumstances that led us down a different path. In this one, the game took you into Shuu's secret experimentation room which was in the shape of a dome, where a number of emaciated or clearly otherwise unwell bird-photo characters were shown on screen, giving pained groans as their only dialogue.

After that, we met a uniquely human character, who was a photo of a man with long brown-blonde hair who had been photoshopped to remove the section of his face containing his nose, so that his head was shorter than it should be - I made an attempt at recreating him with an unpaid-for stock photo: http://imgur.com/RYWSXAa . He said that there was some seat(?) upstairs that we needed to see, but that it was dangerous... I woke up before I found out any of what that meant.
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My dreams have been pretty dreadful but not worth writing down recently, mostly involving going back to my old workplace. But last night I had a dream about doing a live-action Five Nights At Freddy's in Germany - I think it was inspired by having done two room escapes while I was in Munich last month. It was run from a henhouse at the bottom of a slippery, ice-coated pathway - there was a reception desk and a row of wooden cages on one wall, stacked three high, where the chickens were kept.

The game was set up very differently from how the real thing works - you had to run laps around the game, "tagging" the animatronics from behind before they noticed you. On the right hand side of the loop, there was something small living in a birdhouse of some kind that you had to prevent waking up. You won $150 for surviving the first night, and accumulated more money if you chose to do consecutive nights, losing it if you were caught. Strangely, I don't remember being particularly frightened.

There was a lot more context around that - on the day we were going to the mountain where it was run, I woke up in an unfamiliar room and made my way to the bathroom, where the toilet was stupidly large and on top of a set of three steps (there was another, broken normal-sized one adjacent to it). The next thing I remember, I was waking up on a train - my family had conspired to drug me to get me to go with them without incident.

I got up from my chair and stumbled down to the restaurant area, where my sister was with her group of friends playing some of my old music on a phone to her group of friends, and I remember wishing she'd chosen something more recent. I ordered something but I can't remember what it was - the next thing I knew, we had to take a light propeller plane over the sea to the mountain. After we visited the henhouse, I think there were some other attractions at the same place that we went around, but I can't remember what any of them were.

The gunman

Oct. 11th, 2014 01:20 pm
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Here's another nightmare I wrote down on my phone to share with you all! I think it was caused by seeing the musical 'Assassins' last night.

In the dream, I had a fictional older brother - bald and with a black goatee, like Kane from Command and Conquer - who I knew was planning to go on a gun rampage, starting near a fast food restaurant that had somehow wronged him. He thought he was alone in my parents' house, and for some reason I had to wait in hiding until he took both his guns and left before calling for help. I called 999, they asked me which emergency service I required, and I said "oh, all of them".

I walked around outside, the town was quiet and I thought that he might have given the idea up. Later on I went to a bar nearby where a singer that I knew was performing... and after a while there, he turned up and started shooting. I ran outside, where the streets were now lit in red and bodies were strewn over the road, keeping on running but not being able to get out of the area where he was.

Then I kept going back in time and trying slightly different things in order to prevent the event from happening - I remember trying 911 for emergencies instead. Sometimes he would come back into the house after leaving and I would have to hide until he left trying not to make a noise. I was always hopeful that something was going to happen differently, but it always ended with everyone being killed again... on one path, the singer from the bar rose up and led the ghosts in a beautiful, mournful acoustic guitar song about how it had been their destiny to die like that (I have since completely forgotten the music).

Eventually, I found a way to get myself outside and following the brother with a friend that I'd convinced to keep an eye on him. We followed him through a group of street performers, keeping back so he didn't notice us, but I had to wait for the friend to recognize him before we ran forward and tackled him from behind. We got him to the ground, and found that he was wearing multiple gun belts but had no weapons on him.

He laughed and said that he had changed his mind - we dragged him back to the house and into his bedroom, where I spoke to him as he sat on the edge of the bed. I told him "I know you kill me in the end. This time it wasn't today, but I know it happens."

I closed the door, then went and had a jacuzzi with some investors who told awful jokes.

Exam dream

Jul. 18th, 2014 09:59 pm
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One of the things that I most appreciate about post-degree (BSc 1st Hons.) life is the lack of exams - stressful silent two-hour stretches (if you're lucky) with just you and a piece of paper. So my brain chose to invent one for me in a dream.

I think I was back in the academy - at least, I think I recognized a few of the people in my year from then. We started off in a normal room that had been laid out as an exam hall with individual little desks, where we had to sign our name on a piece of paper - then we were led to a different part of the school (which had a strange address, like 1712 Bradford or something) to be given the laptops we were meant to use for the test.

This part of the school was laid out more like a common area, with coffee-shop like tables and multi-tiered sofas scattered around. A large man was going around handing out laptops along with a confusing array of discs - a training course on how to use the computer, a couple of discs for the actual exam, and another sort of startup disc that was in a clear diskette-like case. We chose our seats - I went to a desk with individual cubbies at the side of the room - and opened up our laptops.

This was when I discovered that mine was full of jam. It was in this state because it had been used as the model in one of the photos for the training course, where the message was "Never use this laptop while driving" - the slide showed a man with his face smashed into the laptop between him and the steering wheel, with the jam standing in for blood leaking out of his ears and piled on his face. I tasted it (it was raspberry, and quite nice) and alerted the examiner who had been handing them out, then did my best to clean it off with some paper towels, but the headphones were still sticky.

I tried to go through the training course, but I kept on getting distracted by other things happening on the computer - messages, emails and so on - and was worried about finding the time to even get on to the exam. Suddenly, I arrived home in my childhood bedroom in my parents' house, and realized that the exam was a take-home exercise that was due in three weeks rather than the three hours that I had thought. I wanted to make progress anyway, but my room was full of plastic boxes of electronic junk with no space to work. Some of it was even outside the window on th ledge.

I thought about what would happen if it rained, and chose to haul them in again, around someone who was standing there painting the window from the outside, piling them underneath and on top of a fold-out table and looking through them as I carried them. Most of it I couldn't imagine having a use for - they were mostly medical devices, dials and readouts that were meant to be connected to other equipment to function. The few things that had recognizable labels came from an opthalmologist's office, and the largest of the collection was a foot-wide circular metal unit which housed a laser used for eye surgery.

I woke up before starting the exam or finding out what it was for.
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I had an unusually mundane dream about taking a call from a telemarketer. It was on a speakerphone on our coffee table, and my parents were there. For some reason he was asking about the right time to deliver new doors to our office, and wanted a number to call me back on.
Me: It's 510... 499...

Telemarketer: And then all nines?

Me: Yes, that's right.

Telemarketer: So that's 515-499-9999?

Me: Yes.

Telemarketer: You said 510. You've given me a fake number.

Me: You learned that trick from picking up girls in bars! What kind of floozy do you take me for?

Then he hung up.

The Moon

May. 29th, 2014 09:08 pm
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I had a dream about a group of astronauts who were on a mission to the moon, which might have been arranged to mark the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. From my viewpoint on the surface, I saw them wandering around the remains of the first landing site and conducting experiments in low gravity no-atmosphere conditions, one of which was playing a musical instrument - it was apparently a saxophone but looked more like a white hoover. Someone mentioned how in the earliest science fiction films, people were never shown wearing anything protective on the moon because the film-makers hadn't thought that anything of the kind would be needed. They investigated the rocks and scenery by the white glow of the Earth in the sky, which looked far bigger than it should - I remember wondering if you could jump up from the moon and be caught by the Earth's gravity.

Passing a dust-dune, the group found something that shouldn't have been there - a huge plant of some kind with dark blue tentacles that lay on the surface, about a metre in diameter. As they looked around, more of the plants began erupting out from below the surface, so they grabbed the bags of tools that they had left lying on the ground and sprinted back to their landing shuttle. In the panic to get in, someone shouted that the key was broken - it was an oversized thing that looked like a huge front door key made out of paper, and the end of it was torn - but one of the others was able to gently ease the lock open with it.

The interior of the shuttle was a very comfortable 2014-style affair - not the cramped conditions that you would expect from a space vehicle, but more like the interior of a summer cabin, with a bedroom, kitchen and living room. As they pulled off their suits, the key-bearer shouted that they had to leave immediately, to which one of the others - an Australian with a horrendous dark mullet - said "It'll take twenty minutes. It's a thrust engine, not a Ford Mondeo" (and I remember my dream rehearsed itself multiple times before settling on the car that sounded the funniest to it in context).

An argument broke out between them, and the Australian ended up ordering the other outside for a fight. He opened the door and let the unidentified astronaut go first - without any apparent ill effects from not wearing a suit - then suddenly closed the door behind him instead of following him out.

The locked-out astronaut didn't show any signs of distress beyond mild annoyance at having been locked outside, even as from the inside we watched as some sort of malicious pollen from the plant crawled towards him over the moon's surface - it was a thrashing dark blue mass, like two people fighting in a sleeping bag. It dragged him to the ground and aligned them so that they were "feet" to feet, then absorbed him to grow longer.

The thing continued its approach as the shuttle barely left the ground, but it didn't get away in time and as it was absorbed, it spun around rapidly and then became a sphere of crystal as everything was melded together, a mess of broken polygons like an early PS1 game filling the sphere as it floated serenely above the surface. And somehow I knew this was the good ending.
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I had a dream about lobsters. Specifically, that my dad had bought two of them and was keeping them in the garden of the house in Scotland overnight. I noticed that the fencing around them was frankly inadequate and that they would easily be able to escape, but he said that they would be fine.

To demonstrate, I took a little tracking device off a set of keys (I think they actually exist - little things you can attach to a keyring that beep when you hit a remote so that you can find them?) and put it in the compartment on the side of the lobster. Soon, we saw on the tracking device that the lobster had escaped and was heading down the driveway to the road.

Night had fallen, and I went out to the front to watch the lobster as it scuttled over the pavement. It turned on the large headlight that was built into its front and began to cross the road, but it had misjudged the gap and a car on the near side of the road had to swerve and crashed into a car coming in the other direction.

I retrieved the lobster and it apologized for the crash, speaking English in a very refined accent. It told me that it was a relation to the other lobster in the garden, so I gave them both a large cake box as a home.
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The dreams have definitely come back in a big way - they're getting longer and more vivid.

Two nights ago, my dream started in a building that looked like my work garage but that I knew was situated somewhere in Aberdeen. I had to get down to St. Andrews, my usual route when I was in university, because there was a meeting there that I had to attend, and I was bringing [livejournal.com profile] quadralien and my brother-in-law (the disorganized one, not the miserable one) with me because they had separate reasons for needing to go down to the same place.

I had to navigate my car down from the top of the car park through an awful one-way system where I had to go out on a straight road and then curve back around to the front of the building, and I picked up [livejournal.com profile] quadralien without issue. But my brother-in-law had got distracted while I worked out the route and was watching some sort of basketball-like game that was taking place in a large cage suspended in the air outside. I told him increasingly desperately that I needed to leave right now, and he repeatedly assured me that he was 'just coming', but eventually I had to decide to leave him behind and set off down the road without him.

The first few miles were strange, with things like the car doors being not quite shut and needing to be slammed closed again, and at one point I found myself in the back seat and having to reach around the driver's seat to get my hands on the steering wheel. Eventually we stopped at a petrol station on the right hand side of the road (because even though this was supposedly in Britain, my brain seems to default to driving on the right now) and I got a huge person-sized bag of grass seed out of the boot of the car.

I walked along the kerb, pouring the fluffy proto-grass out of a cut corner at the bottom of the bag in a neat stripe along it. I looked down the road and realized that my plan to reseed the grass from here all the way down to St. Andrews was going to be an impossible task, but I satisfied myself with drawing a border of grass inside the island formed by the kerb around the petrol station, and noted to come back and look at the effects later once the grass started to grow.

We went on our way again, and Quadralien wanted to stop somewhere but I realized that the brakes on my car were too ineffective and we couldn't stop without a lot of notice. I remembered that the car had always had really difficult to use brakes, where you really had to stamp on them to get any effect - which is absolutely untrue in real life, but I know that I've had a lot of other dreams about driving a car with unresponsive brakes. Or maybe this dream just... told me that I had had them, and I believed it - I can't remember, now...

After a lot of forward planning, we stopped at a parts shop, and I looked at the brakes that they had available, which looked like plastic spheres with protusions on them. I selected the most expensive one because it looked the sturdiest and most effective, and then called the dealership where I had bought the car to make sure that this didn't void my warranty. After the call, I chose to call my brother-in-law as well, who sounded angry that we had left him behind.

I agreed to drive the forty miles back to pick him up and start the journey again, but at that point I woke up.
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I had an absolutely Christawful dream last night.

Are you sure? )
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I had a "normal game turns possessed and does frightening things" dream last night! It's been ages - I can't say I missed them.

Etrian Odyssey was the subject this time, as I've been playing rather a lot of the fourth game over the last couple of days. In this dream, the labyrinth I was in was a walled garden, and the maze walls were made of trellises of brightly coloured flowers that you could just about see through.

I had an ability that would allow my party to take shortcuts through the maze - I would select it, it would say "A path is cleared through the flowers..." and then the walls would become transparent and I would be able to walk through them for about three steps before the effect wore off. After skipping a long route around a winding path I had mapped previously with this method, I came to another wall and tried activating the ability again.

This time, it said more uncertainly "A path is cleared through the flowers?" before whiting out the screen and teleporting me into a room right in front of a huge plant monster, with tentacles and a large red blossom head. Angrily, the game said "DIDN'T YOU FORGET TO READ SOMETHING?" - and I went into the menus and checked the ability's description, where it indeed said "Allows you to walk through walls. Can only be used once per floor." I had read this before, but I had assumed that if you went away and came back again, you would be allowed to use it again.

Both the plant monster and I were entangled in green vines, and so I went into the menu and used an ability to free the party from binds - an ability never used outside battles normally. This freed me, but gave me the message of "2 turns until FOE is freed". I stepped away a couple of squares and then the vines burst, letting the FOE loose along with several others that I saw appear on the map - and these things could move independently without waiting for the player's turn.

I dodged through the room trying to make it to an exit on the west side, but as I reached the door I fumbled for the button to open it, and one of the FOEs ran into me. On entering the battle screen, it revealed itself to be a harmless-looking tiny blue dragon, so I took my chances and attacked it - but before I could act, its sprite opened its mouth wide and the battle message reported "Dragon called for its mum!" - adding a gigantic dragon to the battle.

I struggled to flee from the fight and escaped with one party member barely alive, trying to think of my available options for getting out - then I was suddenly reading accounts from other people on GameFAQs who had encountered this portion of the game. I commiserated with them before remembering that I had an Ariadne Thread in my inventory, which I used to escape the dungeon and also the dream.

Back in real life, I have actually completed Etrian Odyssey 4 now, after having just forgotten to post about it ever since my first impressions of the demo. To review it quickly, it's different from the other Etrian Odyssey games - it's also fantastic for it. It also feels significantly easier - I didn't even feel the need to subclass people until the final boss, and even then it was mostly just to get a quick skill point boost - but I feel I will be swiftly be eating those words as I embark upon the unfettered sadism of the post-game dungeon.
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After two very early morning starts in a row and allowing myself to finally sleep in, I had a dream...

I was staying at some hybridized combination of the Furfright hotel and the academy that I went to from 1996-2002. The dream started off in what I thought was my room - this was the alcove off the main corridor that housed the trophy cabinets, except it had a king-size bed in it. There were two other people there of my age milling about with me, and we were vaguely unpacking, when a teacher walked past and leaned in to talk to me.

This teacher - who I didn't recognize, but had glasses with brown hair and a beard - asked me about replacing one of the large baubles on the Christmas tree in the assembly hall. Evidently I had agreed to do this by buying a replacement red bauble and then painting it so that it looked like the missing old one. I had forgotten the arragement, but I reassured him that I would remember to do it, and he stepped back again and said that something in the room smelled wet. We looked around for a while trying to identify it, then I realized that someone had come in to water the pot-plant in the corner yesterday (by which I meant I had seen him just a minute ago) but nobody else had seen it happen.

At this stage, I was staying with [livejournal.com profile] kjorteo and I left him getting dressed in an arrangement of wooden screens while I walked outside. On my way I noticed that there was a red alarm light rotating in the corridor, and there was an anime-looking red-haired woman with a sword wandering around - I didn't talk to her but knew that she would become an important character later.

When I went outside, the academy was on the edge of a town built around a bay, where the cruise ship that we had stayed on last month had arrived. They were lowering the tender boats so that they could take people ashore, but this was a far less organized arrangement than in real life - people were on the deck of the ship just flinging masses of little boats and dinghies and inflatable flotation devices down into the water over each other and leaping down to get into them. It was like a blowup recreation of the Dunkirk landings. Stepping back from the chaos, I took a couple of friends up to sit down on a hillside where we could observe the proceedings, and I saw Kjorteo walking up towards us (now in woodrat form but with his pixel Livejournal icon as a head). I declared that I loved this place, where everyone was anthropomorphic for a couple of days a year.

As he got closer, I realized something was amiss, because - though I was unsure whether this was what was happening or had been added later for censorship - he was wearing a large round bush around himself, because his clothes had been stolen. He sneaked past us up to where I had left my car, presumably to find some spares there, but instead got into a white cardboard box and rolled down the other side of the hill back towards the academy, a difficult feat in a square container.

I excused myself and followed him, picking him out of the box, and - because he was incredibly light and curled up - carried him back to the entrance to the library and English department. For the sake of simplicity I will explain this part with American indexing from floor 1 on the ground - the first floor had now been infected with a colony of large mechanical red spiders (who presumably ate clothes), so I avoided going into it and climbed the stairs to the third floor, where the red warning lights were flashing again. The infection in the school was spreading, because the spiders were reaching maturity and turning into glowing white slimy pillars that stretched to the first floor's ceiling, eventually reaching up to the third floor where the pillars stopped at head height with vague faces notched into their rounded tops.

I saw all this from the stairwell, but looking through the window in the door to the main corridor, I saw the woman with the sword from earlier fighting the creatures. Either she called to me, or I just somehow... gained the knowledge that the creatures were growing through a break in reality that encompassed the second floor, leaving it clear.

I went down the stairs one floor again, and saw that there was nothing out of the ordinary on the second floor, so I took a chance and ran for my car sitting there. I drove us away to escape, and the satellite navigation projected arrows on to the street to take us away on a circuitous route that ended with a long straight on a bridge that curved down into the water for a few metres and then back up again. So I zoomed down there, splashed through the water, went up the other side and launched off the other side of the bridge... where after spinning madly, I landed us on the deck of what looked like a pirate ship.

Then I woke up and found that a woman's magazine that I'd never heard of had been delivered to the house, addressed directly to me. That wasn't part of the dream, but it seemed to be worth mentioning.
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Another dream, this time about Civilization! I haven't played it in ages, so I'm not sure where this one came from. This one was fully three-dimensional and you could zoom down to the level of Age of Empires and see people working in the cities and fields, and I was playing on a map where I had an island in the north-west and everyone else was on the mainland (the world didn't wrap like in the real games).

I was exploring the mainland and found a goody-hut, which told me I had found a friendly band of militia and had the option of getting 1000 horsemen, 2000 of some other unit or just "4000" on its own. In any other Civilization game these numbers would be ludicrous, but in this version, military units had a headcount attached to them that determined their power - a unit consisting of several thousand would have many times the power of a simple thousand-person unit, and units could be combined and split. Now that I'm writing that, it sounds like a really interesting mechanic, being able to sacrifice power by splitting and getting multiple attacks and movement...

Anyway. "4000" turned out to give me the Militia unit from the first game, the unit with the icon that makes it look like they have their jacket zipped up over their heads. I used these four thousand militia to march towards one of the enemy cities, and started strategically taking out their resources. [livejournal.com profile] quadralien was watching over my shoulder and being rude about my decision to destroy one of the farms on the east side of the city instead of the one below, so I told him to get out of the room in my Doctor Murderbeaks voice (which seems massively harsh in retrospect).

I called him back shortly afterwards, though, because then the game went mad - while I was distracted attacking the city in the south of the mainland, the enemy and its allies changed the rules of the game to make it real-time and started rapidly building things, creating and destroying them in bizarre wave patterns, to approach and attack my own base in the north (the game having now become Age of Empires instead). I did not end up winning, but this is typical for me in real-time strategy if the AI is ever allowed above the "Thick as mince" difficulty setting.
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As expected, I did have a weird dream last night, but thankfully it didn't involve malevolent flowers at all. Instead, it was about Whitney telling me worriedly that the carbon monoxide detector in our living room was pulsing faster than it had been.

I took a look behind the curtain because it was on the windowsill, and it was a thing you might expect to find in the TARDIS - a six inch high red tube on top of a base with a pulsing light inside it, connected up to various cooling devices and a host of dials and gauges, for the battery life, amount of petrol remaining, and so on. It was definitely pulsing faster than it had been before but the alarm wasn't going off and the carbon monoxide gauge itself was still in the green zone below the red one (although the dial was a bit ambiguous about this).

The problem was apparent when the huge fan on the front of the arrangement started going at jet speeds, and blew papers and eventually furniture around the room. After seeing that happen, I instantly found the problem - the "behaviour" setting had somehow been switched to the preset "Jeremy Clarkson". All the other options were also names of personalities, but none stood out as loud and annoying, so setting it to a random alternative one solved the problem.
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I've just remembered that I dreamt an entire day out with my family and a visitor that we had from India!

We were at a collection of large white buildings spread out sparsely on a very green grassy hill, like a remote but large university campus, and we entered a building that was little more than a wide entrance carved into the hillside, with steps leading down to an underground lab that was having an open day. Inside it was white and tiled, a little like the aesthetic of Portal.

There was a demonstration of a vast chemical reaction along one wall - the kind of chemistry setup that you would expect to find in Tom and Jerry, a vast tangled array of weirdly-shaped glass tubes and bulbs that was about four feet high by ten feet wide. The demonstrator in a white lab coat on the left side of the arrangement was announcing that he was pouring sulphuric acid together with hydrochloric acid into the receptable, saying that "normally we wouldn't do this" but that it was good for the tours. Having done that, though, he couldn't get the reaction started despite a couple of fiery sparks in the first bulb along the network, and people began to drift away, muttering that the place's tours actually being a bit rubbish and never living up to what they were supposed to be.

The next thing that someone brought out was a collection of the creatures that they were creating in the lab, and put a bowl of them on the table - a collection of large insects and brightly coloured wriggling mollusc-things with what looked like unnatural bite marks in them. This disturbed me so much that I excused myself and then turned and ran back up to the surface again - I had been looking for an excuse to leave for some time anyway but this genuinely scared me off.

I went with my brother to the arcade nearby, which was massive and took up a large amount of a building in which a family pub was also situated. Down a few corridors at the back, there were a collection of DDR machines, a mixture of real titles and ones I'd never seen before - Dancing Stage Fusion, DDR Extreme Aqua, and another Dancing Stage F- title that was meant to be the sequel to Fusion... not all of them had dance pads in front of them, and some were butted up against other machines so that there wasn't even any room for them (but a different machine in Japanese was set up so that you had to wave your hands about to "dance" instead of using your feet).

One of them had no dance pad but a foot-tall, four-foot-square glass cabinet in front of it at waist height in which two original Playstation controllers were sitting. In this dream universe, the Playstation Move was a little remote control that you held in your hand, and could make the real controllers get up and walk on their handle-stalks, and you could play miniature DDR with them. Mine was nearly out of batteries so we had to manoeuvre it over to the charging station (where it lay down and blinked a light at you) before I could get it to groggily take part.

There was also some dreadfully buggy Bomberman action-adventure Zelda game thing, but it was near unplayable. By now the entire party had come together again and for some reason we didn't have any shoes, so I was asked to go and get them from the car. I asked them all what size of shoes they were, and they all laughed replying that it didn't matter because their shoes were all in the car anyway. This offended me greatly and I stomped off out the fire exit at the back, then spent ages looking for the car in a field of sheep before remembering that I was already driving it.

My mother called me to apologize by playing a song down the phone at me - I can't remember if it was a real one, whether I'd just made it up, or any possible relevance to the dream at all. We arranged to meet back up again in the front garden of our hotel, which was only accessible by the back door on the side of the building - a short U-shaped corridor took me around and back outside again to a walled garden with an observatory-style domed glass roof.

After that I went back to the underground lab, where warning lights were flashing and they were announcing urgently that all visitors had to leave because they were closing soon. Despite the obvious bad situation, I slipped in past the security checks to use the toilet - a vast orchard of square metallic urinals, where the surfaces were treated with a chemical so that when they were... utilized, the liquid turned bright opaque colours of blue and yellow on its way to the drain. A six-year-old beside me was watching me intently and making me very uncomfortable.

Then I turned around and used the sink, which was in a mad setup much like the rest of the building - I waved my hands in front of it, a spigot squirted water directly into my face and I woke up at 5am.

My parents are visiting in a couple of weeks - I hope that the real days out go better than that.
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I had a confused, tangled mesh of dreams last night! The trouble is that I can't remember much about how they were related...

Someone from work moved into our basement (which was much more spacious and conceivably livable in than our real-life basement) and I had to deliver his friend, an elderly priest in a wheelchair named Father Conley, home before bedtime. To this end, I remember having to search through a multi-storey car park, only just making it to the area with a roof overhead before it started raining heavily. Then it was revealed that there were three cars that we had to take back, one of which was parked so that it was touching one of the car park pillars - the one at the front was an off-brown Volkswagen Beetle that I remember I was told to think of as "mine".

Meanwhile, at work, there was a problem with some sort of insects invading the office. They lived downstairs and would construct vehicles and exoskeleton suits out of Lego Technik to come up the stairs and steal cakes. I can't remember how or if we got rid of them - maybe just keeping cakes on a higher shelf? But now I'm imagining them stomping their little Metal Gears around and piling them all up into a giant wobbling column to reach and carry them off anyway.

There was also some sort of subplot at an outdoor swimming pool, which had a huge pit of orange slime next to it - I wish I could remember more about that, though I know that I was pushing an older but not unattractive woman into it.

No Metroid tonight, but I did put up an "ask me anything" voice post in response to people's questions last week - thank you for providing prompts!


Mar. 16th, 2013 07:28 pm
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Someone said "FPS here we go!" for some reason in the Hatoful chatroom and I suddenly remembered about a terrible dream that I'd had last night.

There's no hope left for any of us.

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