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It's a fifty-minute end of series special of me and Quadralien playing Portal 2! (Except there's still a bonus pack to do, shh.) In the final descent through the domes of the Aperture laboratories, we have to contend with the bouncy and/or slippery mobility gel, and each others' attempts to apply it.


Usually, I tell people to simply enjoy these videos. But this time, especially in [livejournal.com profile] ravenworks' case - please have an absolute field day.
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I uploaded this today and then forgot to announce it! It's Portal 2 once again, and in this episode, Quadralien and I experience a mild bodyswap. Then we have some fun and injury with excursion funnels (or, as I prefer to call them, wibbly tube things).

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Do you remember that I was doing a playthrough of the two-player mode of Portal 2 with Quadralien? Because I didn't. However, I discovered this video of the third level that we put together last year and now it's finally edited together and available.

The level is intended to be a lesson in using light bridges, which we turn into a lesson in misusing light bridges. The video comes complete with an American commentator yammering away in your right ear if you turn the volume up enough, because apparently my microphone splitter picked up interference from the nearby radio tower.

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For our second part of the Portal 2 playthrough, here is a slightly gin-and-tonic-fuelled adventure through the Mass and Velocity section of the game (things that mix absolutely ideally when you're dealing with huge falls and catapults). I'd just like to point out that after this, we're only on two deaths and neither were me.

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Opening a new Stumbling series to juggle in parallel with all the other Stumbling series that I have going at the moment! I think I'm just a Youtube video producer now. It's hard to believe my hesitant uploading of Snake, Rattle and Roll a couple of years ago would lead to this, isn't it?

This one is with Quadralien, and the situation is opposite from the Unreal Tournament 3 videos - he has played the cooperative mode before (though this doesn't help as much as you might think) and I haven't. The first few test chambers are meant to be for finding your feet and getting used to cooperating, though this doesn't stop us from experiencing a few near misses.


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