Jan. 26th, 2015 10:08 pm
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I had a Hatoful dream/semi-nightmare last night! It was about a secret route that we'd never discovered before, a choice that made an appearance in the infirmary under certain circumstances that led us down a different path. In this one, the game took you into Shuu's secret experimentation room which was in the shape of a dome, where a number of emaciated or clearly otherwise unwell bird-photo characters were shown on screen, giving pained groans as their only dialogue.

After that, we met a uniquely human character, who was a photo of a man with long brown-blonde hair who had been photoshopped to remove the section of his face containing his nose, so that his head was shorter than it should be - I made an attempt at recreating him with an unpaid-for stock photo: http://imgur.com/RYWSXAa . He said that there was some seat(?) upstairs that we needed to see, but that it was dangerous... I woke up before I found out any of what that meant.
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Here is the start of a groundbreaking series of as-yet undetermined length, written by our very own Xaq! We missed doing Hatoful episodes so much that we had to do some of our own.

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Tanabata is the Japanese festival of the stars, as it is impossible to tell from this video. Instead, witness the Hatoful cast celebrating it as only they can.

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Albion - The Day the Night Slept

For Legumentine’s Day 2014, here's something that's been in production for a while - a collection of four songs inspired by Hato Moa’s Hatoful stories, along with vocal and karaoke versions.

This is a free album - you can click "Buy Now" and enter 0 to download it. Please also consider buying some of Moa’s merchandise from the Hatostore or donating to her Fundrazr:



With the download, you get all twelve DRM-free music files, a PDF of the album booklet and the source .IT files for the songs if you want to poke around in them.

Music and lyrics written by accident by David Newton, album artwork used with permission of Moa. King-voice on “Long Live the King” by Kjorteo Kalante.

Have fun - stay Hatoful :)

Albion - The Day the Night Slept
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Our lucky number.


I have no idea what else to say about this video. This is your Hato on drugs.
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Two videos tonight! One is a chapter of Hatoful Kareshi featuring everyone's favourite racist aristocratic git, and the second is a special treat in one of my more egregious examples of completely overdoing things.


I have to mention that [livejournal.com profile] xaq is doing as good a job as ever at translating the manga into visual novel form - I was massively confused by the sudden visit to the Twilight Zone this week where nothing makes any sense, but it turns out that the manga is even less coherent than that. I'm no longer sure what to think about anything.

So tonight, we generously repaid Xaq by causing him near-death from hyperventilation. This is an improvisation game that I sprang on everyone after finishing the chapter, where two pairs of victims performers are given a scenario and have to construct letters by alternating words with each other. It took a couple of rounds to find our feet (and I've edited out some thinking time a bit!) but by the third round... amazing things happened.

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The Holidaystar suite closes with a song that's unusual for me - I've finally written a ballad! This is the slowest song I've written... ever, I think. And it took a long time to come together, but in the end I was very satisfied with how it closed the album.


So now it's time to make plans for a Bandcamp release!
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I had a dream about Hatoful! This time, it was about a super-super-secret path in the original game, though I can't remember what you had to do to unlock it and am afraid to try... the main character of the route was a cockerel who was investigating a murder (I don't think it was the same one as in the game), and was voiced by [livejournal.com profile] ravenworks in a hard-boiled film noir private investigator voice - he was chosen as the actor because the character was somehow related by family to Mister Death.

Unusually, we were all in the same room to record. We were doing it on my laptop, and I found it very difficult to tell whether I'd got the recording setup right in an unfamiliar environment.

Still. In real recordings, we did two more Hatoful Kareshi chapters recently, those of Fujushiro Nageki and Higure Anghel. And it’s only by reading the manga through along with the video that I appreciate just how much [livejournal.com profile] xaq does for these! I had no idea just how little of the dialogue we’ve been reading actually came from Moa - it’s all expanded to take advantage of the extra space we have and the characterizations that we've given the birds, and yet it’s never recognizable as something that wouldn’t have been said in the actual game. (I was particularly thrilled that "pompous feather-duster" was his own invention.) So all praises to Xaq, even more than usual.


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To cut a long story short (during which I realized I was now literally doing the same thing at home that I do at work, setting up a web application against Postgresql), I now have a Pretend You're Xyzzy server running locally which I'm free to customize to the best of my ability. Cards and decks are just stored in a plain understandable layout in the database, and I've entered a few testing ones that you can see here - and [livejournal.com profile] ravenworks and I discovered that if you start a game with too few white cards it'll go into a panic and continually try to shuffle them eternally until you terminate the server.

Therefore, feel free to go mad making up questions and potential answers if you'd like to do a Hatoful special! I think most of us found that we liked the two or three-slot ones the most, but a good mix would be great.
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After the prerequisite number of technical difficulties artificially put in place by Google, we got together to record the first chapter of Moa’s Hatoful manga! Thanks especially to [livejournal.com profile] xaq for this one, as he was the one who had the idea of creating a visual novel for the manga - and I didn’t realize until I read the original again what a good adaptation it was, with some ad libbing that I never even noticed to make it a little more suited to the new format.

Additionally, apologies go to him and [livejournal.com profile] budgiebin, as apparently I was in a bit of a mean mood during the start of this video!

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This is song three of four in a mini-concept album that I wrote by mistake. Here, we’re at the climax of the Day the Night Slept story, where the events echo the legend of the Scorpion’s Fire from Night on the Galactic Railroad by Kenji Miyazama. In the game, Moa amazed us all once again with her writing and ability to make heartfelt emotional moments out of her unique cast of pigeons, and it's because of her that these songs came into being.

There’s a bit of a surprise for those used to my wordless submissions in the middle of this one... I had to get some reassurance before I chose to actually leave it in because power metal narration is always hilarious, but... can I possibly be as bad as Rhapsody at it? No.

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Unexpected Holidaystar video! This is a fan episode by Xaq, created as a tribute to Moa's game and capturing the personalities of all the characters so well that I barely noticed the change of authors. This episode is a shrine visit for Hitori, in an alternative universe where things turned out a bit better. Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] xaq!


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The final final short episode (because I forgot that this one existed until just now) is a collection of quite funny deleted scenes and a really lovely final message. And with that, the last Holidaystar video really is up - we've explored every avenue of the game that we're going to explore. [livejournal.com profile] xaq, [livejournal.com profile] budgiebin, [livejournal.com profile] ravenworks, [livejournal.com profile] kjorteo... thank you!

I hope that everyone else's experience with this game will allow them to appreciate the tone in which this is intended, along with its paradoxical nature: I've really loved putting these videos together over the last few months. Please don't ask me to do any more soon!


0:10 After After
0:50 One last time
2:15 Accident
2:40 Hitting on me
3:05 The conductor's true form!
3:40 More work
5:30 Package
5:50 Tohri's letter
6:55 Stiff
10:05 Fossil
11:35 Pillow fight
12:10 The end?
12:20 One more thing
13:00 The final gift

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The final short episode is "Preliminary Inspection", or "The DavidN Special" - after some surprisingly good distribution throughout the game, all three of the characters in it are mine, though I didn't even realized what it was setting me up for until [livejournal.com profile] ravenworks said it. Therefore, enjoy a tour of Kyoto as voiced by me, as pigeons, talking to myself... with something strange being inserted right at the end.

I want to apologize to just everybody for how I pronounce the names - but it's not as if people here don't have tremendous difficulty with "Edinburgh" and "Inverurie".


0:35 All David
2:00 Explanation
5:10 Our Murderbeaks
6:55 Iwameanie/missing the joke
9:00 Nightfall
11:55 Kyoto and Kawahara
12:15 Confusing Guide to Rokkaku-dou
13:05 Any quails?
14:35 Kyuukyo-dou
15:40 Starbeaks
16:05 Synchronized Yuuya

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Let's finish off another section of the game - these are both the remaining Radio sessions, because they're unusually short (even the one that says it's the extra-large edition). Our host throughout them all, [livejournal.com profile] xaq, almost gets through the entire ordeal without having to surrender, but the fangirls obsessed with various articles of clothing eventually prove a bit too much for him.

We get a long-awaited appearance from a character who we were wondering would ever turn up, as well!

Radio 5 - Human Form Questions

1:20 Question 1 about panties
3:20 Question 2 about trousers
3:50 Question 3 about clothing
6:30 Question 4 about glasses

Radio 6 - Extra-Large Edition

0:55 Question 1 for Hiyoko: Udon
1:30 Kaku udon
2:00 Question 2 for Sakuya: Sushi
4:00 Question 3 for Nanaki: Sleeping
5:00 Question 4 for Nanaki: Dark spot
6:25 Question 5 for Yuuya: Got it
8:30 Question 6 for Okosan: House
10:30 Sean Coonery
11:20 Bonus question for...!
12:45 Question for Rabu
13:55 Final letter

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We really are in the home stretch now, and then I promise I'll get back to writing about something else. This is among the "short episode" side stories in name, but it's longer than many segments of the main game! And it gives some screen time and a surprising amount of intrigue and backstory to a character that we were introduced to all the way back in the first chapter and haven't seen since.


0:00 Looking forward
1:25 Joy and gaiety
2:20 Hoping for...
3:30 In trouble
4:00 Afternoon tea
5:00 The Man with the Yellow Crest
5:25 Heard that before x1
5:40 Heard that before x2
6:30 One line
9:30 Stake-out
10:15 Bathroom
11:45 Attack
14:00 Assassin
14:55 Getting complicated
16:00 Everyone in his class
16:40 What?!
17:00 Albert's story
28:40 Sakuya's plan
30:45 The signal
31:45 Escape

Oh, and Margaret Thatcher's dead, too.
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In what might turn out to be the culmination of this insane chapter of my life, we - as the largely accidentally-formed Team Hatoful - got together for a webcam session and answered questions from the people who have so enjoyed our specific voiceover of an assortment of pigeons and the versions of the characters that we've projected on to them. This two-hour special includes an explanation of how the group came to be, details of the recording process, opinions on characters, a really nicely crafted table, impressions of each other, a giant Yoshi, plot speculation, future plans, and me running away twice. ...and My Little Pony.

Part One

Part Two

For me, the most surprising moment happened quite early on, when it was suddenly revealed that I had been listening to [livejournal.com profile] ravenworks' voice years before I met him, as part of Misteroo's legendarily berserk Arfenhouse series. You can plainly see my brain melting from about here onwards.

I first found those because Misteroo was in the ZZT community at the same time I was (what else could cause the kind of mental decay necessary to produce something like that?), and with the combination of that and discovering [livejournal.com profile] kjorteo's link to [livejournal.com profile] xaq who were both on a furry-related forum I used to visit but somehow never directly talked to either of them... [livejournal.com profile] budgiebin is the only one not to have had a shocking revelation that went back to the very first place I established myself on the Internet! What's that going to be, once we eventually discover it?
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I've uploaded absolutely tons of Hatoful stuff over the last week and forgot to announce any of it. Therefore:

Shrine Visit Ryouta

Shrine Visit Sakuya

Shrine Visit Kazuaki

Shrine Visit Yuuya

Shrine Visit Shuu

Short Story 2: Midnight Attack of the Nightmare

Radio 4: Spoilers Ahead!

Chapter 3 Extras

Chapter 4 Extras, mostly wrong choices. SLEEP WELL

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All right, let's start banging these out. This one is actually a clip that we didn't do last night - it's actually from the middle of February, just before what I think was the start of chapter 3. Why's it been sitting around so long before being posted? Because... well, I forgot about it.

It's a treat, though, seeing Okosan's drawn form (and his little hat) - effectively showcasing [livejournal.com profile] budgiebin's characterization, [livejournal.com profile] ravenworks' energy and [livejournal.com profile] xaq's extraordinary cooing abilities.



Mar. 16th, 2013 07:28 pm
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Someone said "FPS here we go!" for some reason in the Hatoful chatroom and I suddenly remembered about a terrible dream that I'd had last night.

There's no hope left for any of us.

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