Recordkeeping: Hiiro COMPLETE

Feb. 22nd, 2019 11:27 am
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It's been a running gag in the small chat clan I'm in that Steam's algorithm finds the games Chroma Squad and Hiiro to be similar to every other game humans have created since the dawn of time. Now that I've played both of them, I expect Steam's secretmost compartment to unlock and present to me the True Games, the ones scholars whisper of. I will play these games and reach my fingers through the seams around me to manually turn the gears over which our reality is but a facade.

I'll probably get my fingers stuck in there too, because ow gears ow.

Anyway Hiiro is pretty good, fullstop end review.



Hiiro is a pretty good peaceful exploration platformer with a number of small hidden secrets. In a world where... something bad happened, your job as "the red guy" is to go collect a bunch of golden cubes and stuff will happen the end. The music didn't agree with me and I got irritatingly stuck for a couple hours looking for that one last cube, but on the whole this was not bad or unpleasant and I quite enjoyed the experience.

Also there's a bonus boss but that did seem bad and unpleasant and I decided to skip out on it.
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From the sort of "Explore a temple to masochism!" mindset that brought you 1001 Spikes, La Mulana, and more to the point, Montezuma's Revenge comes Elena Temple. There's a sort of framework story about how this is an authentic retro game, playable on seven different systems, but it's only there to prop up the idea that this game feels old. The framework has no bearing whatsoever on the game itself besides allowing you to pick whether you want neon green and black, monochromatic sharpness, or DOS-y pixels you can zoom way in and just lick all around the square edges of.

Go on, lick the pixels. Slorp slurp. You know you want to.

Anyway once you've decided whether you want Game Boy-esqe tones or PC-speaker gronking tunes that make Aunt Xyzzy feel alternately nostalgic and older than pharaohs, you get dumped into a big grid-based map of distinct screens, each full of poison darts, moving platforms, coins to collect and of course spikes spikes spikes. Touching spikes is instant death so don't do that, but it's easier said than done. Elena Temple controls fine and all, it's just that you're navigating a big ol' archaeological death maze.

What are you looking for? Coins and diamonds. 120 coins (of which I found a maddening 118) and 8 diamonds (which you need all of to finish). Why are you collecting coins and diamonds? Because if you didn't want any coins or diamonds you wouldn't have thrown yourself into a death maze, would you?

So the frame plot's an excuse plot and the actual plot's ALSO an excuse plot but dangit I liked this game. Sometimes you just want to solve some jumping puzzles and collect some shiny objects, and this was two hours worth of doing that for a fiver. I think it's on the Switch too, if you want to get real recursive with the Game Boy filter.

Dream of Last Night: Mawi-Zawi?

Feb. 21st, 2019 05:08 am
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Last night's dream was some kind of elaborate technicolor video mural, played out on kiosks all over the planet. It was also oddly NSFW, so I'm cutting here.
More confusing than lewd but let's go to cutspace anyway. )

Game Over: Rakuen

Feb. 19th, 2019 02:05 pm
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Play it

ust take my word for it. It's worth your time.

Game Over: Quantum Break

Feb. 17th, 2019 05:42 pm
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Oh fuckING bOY, y’all choices matter for once. The plot is simple on the surface “Oh boy time travel is going to be awesome-- nevermind it caused a fracture and we are all gonna die.” but nah it gets so clusterfucked that the game ended with my mouth open, and that was just with the first ending I got, which was probably the bad ending? In my eyes, though, it was astounding, and it gave me the feeling of satisfaction and tears. Right as the game ended, I picked the last point of a junction and, I have never done this before, but I am going to get all the endings.


The characters are fucking amazing and realistic, splitting real life actors with their in game characters is seamless and fantastic that it is hard to tell at times. It is the right amount of plot-wise glitchfest/creepypasta. Fucking A Plus.



Edit: I beat the game a second time. I was a bit overzealous because I was blinded by my love for the game. Do not get me wrong the game holds up well, but it is not as complex as it tries to say. There is only one ending, but multiple ways to get to that ending. I think the second playthrough was necessary, there was a difference. It described everything in a further detail and showed off new cutscenes that make the story more complete. I do agree with the most I have said a month ago. It is a damn good game, you can collect and read so much to grasp at everything, it’s world building is really well done.


What falls flat is that it ends on a cliffhanger, so did Alan Wake. Unfortunately, Remedy works under people who don’t want to give what they produce sequels. Again, I’m left hanging on something beautiful with multiple layers but it's incomplete. Still I'm glad that they brought on an equally amazing game as Alan Wake.

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Uff. I got sick in the middle there and actually burned out on this for a while, but I made an effort to complete it and did.

Last of the spoilers. )
I'm really glad I beat this again. I -will- go through with Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance at some point in the future, but man I kiiiinda need a break from all things Kingdom Hearts for a while.

Game Over: Killer Is Dead

Feb. 16th, 2019 05:22 pm
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I have no idea what game I just played. No. For real. I have no idea. But um, I'll try? 

Killer Is Dead is a hack and slash surreal extremely japanese game with an amazing artstyle that I enjoy. The controls are really satisfying. The story is... inconsistently consistent, as in I have no idea how to summarize it like how no one knows how to correctly summarize Kingdom Hearts. The game just throws you into it's story and expects you to understand what's going on, but guess what? The game knows it's a game, there was maybe... 10 fourth wall jokes that caught me by surprise and got a laugh out of me. The world they put you in makes fun of itself and has normal stuff like this
3DAC7E96608802EE3921789A91C07FF316426EE5 (1920—1080)
Your typical BDSM villain, yes there are ass shots in his fights

928FD809F5AD5B6248C18FB5E8F08E4E2E9A812D (1920—1080)
One of the characters gets hit by a train? No problem let's censor that real nice

Subtext one sided insect as your straight brother kills you? That may just be me overthinking it since I've played the game through and know these characters, but the way he said it tho is makin' me think some subtext
 77D0BC0563296A0C25F3F660D8DF05F508956A9F (1920—1080)
And there's minigames where you get to stare at girl's boobs and vaginas when those said girls aren't looking. I didn't play those.

I really enjoyed the game as a whole! I felt like it got easier the closer I got to the endgame and I'll be honest. I put this game on hold for moooonnnths when I hit the half way point. It took around an hour and a half to beat? Yeah. Fun combat, lot of sexual content I avoided, gore, weird as fuck plot, I'm happy to have gotten this for free two years ago. Thanks, Humble Bundle!
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It won't be difficult; you'll basically be performing this trick on yourself.

All it takes is any regular deck of poker cards. No jokers, no instruction cards, just the standard supplies for a game of 52-Pickup.

First step... )

[s0] Irony and user interfaces

Feb. 14th, 2019 06:27 pm
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If two people want to add each other on Telegram based initially on sharing usernames, how is this actually done?

So far, what I've run into is:

  1. I use the “Share My Contact” button because contact lists seem to only be able to contain target numbers; entries can't be added purely by username.
  2. The other user adds me, because they haven't gone through the same thing a dozen times before or aren't paying attention or got excited.
  3. The share button on their screen no longer exists because I'm Already A Contact, so I have to badger them for their number.
  4. Then sometimes this causes them to get upset with me, and then [redacted].

What's the good answer? (And why do I see so many complaints about user interfaces on less-centralized stuff when this is still allowed and okay?)

[s0] Post length meta, etc.

Feb. 14th, 2019 01:38 pm
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From Mastodon, mostly because it's more useful there, but repeated here because it's still relevant:

Expecting the recipient to filter through things costs less if topics are generally written about in larger chunks which can be accepted or dismissed in one gesture (computer input, mental effort, etc.), rather than having lots of tiny pieces interleaved, taking N× motes of “I shouldn't read that right now” emotional energy.

  1. Step 1. The Timeline
  2. Step 2. ???
  3. Step 3. Burnout

I can see some of you struggling to get past what Twitter burnt into your minds.

Until enough of you form the social infrastructure for other things, this will keep happening.

Coordinating to let go of fear is hard.

… we'll come for you if we can.

(But if you insist that the answer involves everything being in JavaScript, then we might have problems.)

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To work at an arcade takes hard work and guts. It takes a steady head for business and the willingness to laugh a little at life's ups and downs. It takes a warm heart and some basic common sense.

You also need luck, strong support from friends and the willingness to throw yourself after your hopes and dreams. You can't get anywhere if you don't follow those.

Arcade Spirits is about following hopes and dreams, working with fast friends at an arcade in the distant future year 20XX. You can date your friends, or you can just go to work and have fun with your friends. The game's not gonna judge you if you're not looking for romance.

I've played enough VNs where the game over condition is "You tried to buddy up to too many people, none of them is your True Soulmate, come back when you're ready to commit." Arcade Spirits doesn't do that.

This also means that it doesn't work on a "route" system, where you lock yourself to someone and see all of their scenes by saying only things they like, then replay to see everyone else's scenes by saying only things they like. You're pretty much free to engage with a situation based on the personality quirks you want to have, and if you go off and befriend someone who isn't your True Love... not a big deal. You all work together anyway, who minds?

It's also a VN that isn't a conduit for lewds. There's some suggestive art (look, there's a freakin' beach episode) but nobody strips off completely.

Oh, and this game is extremely respectful of folks across the LGBT spectrum. (If that's a dealbreaker for you, please get the hell out of my review text.)

The art is pretty great, and the music is ... loungey and relaxed. It doesn't intrude on the experience, I'm glad I bought the soundtrack for background listening.

The writing really takes center stage (it's a visual novel, obvs) and it's got that classic Lucasarts-y feel where for the most part you never have to be afraid to pick a solid joke or reaction, because you can be sure it won't tank your game. It's also funny and poignant and can contain as much HOT BLOODED SPIRIT as a giant robot anime if you choose to propel yourself down that route.

(I for one stepped up as a Passionate Defender of Arcadekind and the game let me roll with it. Srsly the text was like 80% Stirring Friendship Speech. I think I accidentally rolled a Yu-Gi-Oh character.)

That said, prepare for emotions. There are some Strong Feelings here. It can hurt.

If you're an older gamer, you'll go berserk over nods to classics like Buckner and Garcia's albums and existing real-world retro games, or you can go full eSports fan with arcade-action MOBAs and revolutionary dancing. While you're not actually playing these games, it's fun to see them and mull over how the arcade scene could've developed if it hadn't crashed.

Basically... I was waiting eagerly for Arcade Spirits and it lived up to what I wanted and expected. There's good replay value here if you're the type to chase achievements but if you're not, this is a pretty strong one-and-done story too. The demo's worth a try if you're still on the fence, but...

...look, 80-some quarters will get you either a stirring tale of love, dreams and friendship OR it'll get you halfway through Gauntlet.

Haven't you played enough Gauntlet for one lifetime?

[EDIT: I have been informed that original Gauntlet does not have an ending and I was thinking of Gauntlet Legends. I hope this grievous misinformation does not damage my credibility. I promise to fire myself when I am no longer needed for upkeep and maintenance.]

(This review was cross-posted to Steam, so it's a little odd-reading. Written for the masses and all. But look: I fricking loved this game. It got me to consider dating human people. That doesn't happen. This game gave me the same warm feelings about its cast that Star Billions did. So... yeah, real good stuff here. 10/10 rec if you're into VNs at all.)

Dream of Last Night: Space Game

Feb. 11th, 2019 05:16 pm
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Small excerpts from the space game in my head last night:

"Your legs have scored a pair of concert tickets on the black market and they went without you. Abandon them if you like, or go to Glaustobon III to catch them in the act."

"Sorry to tell you this but that's not an interface element. Stop clicking it or you're going to have to get married."

"You need a proper Jump-certified pilot if you want to get out of your local hangouts. You can hire a few options, or if you're strapped, buy a microwave from Space Dollar General. Some of the newer models are Jump-capable. Set it and forget it, right?"

"Throwing rocks out the window does not count as "Mass Driver Technology". Roll that back up, you're in space."

"Now that you've come into some money, consider expanding your ship from three-seat Jump Jockey to multi-family Galaxy Tour Bus. You can zone each ship block for Residential, Ship Functions, or Cargo. Remember to run a monorail between them. No one wants to hike through hard vacuum to get to the food court."

Aspiring game developers, I am available to write all your tutorial text.

Art: Coffee Talk

Feb. 10th, 2019 08:32 pm
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Days aren't doing so hot emotions wise as you can tell by the scenery I chose, but Animal Crossing is starting to feel nice again. Also Freya's make up in on fuckin' point, man. I love her. I want to have a whole wolf village but I'm happy with who I have now.
My fursona has really evolved and I'm not complaining, it's more of who I am, really. In an astral sense.

Life with Woof and Sqrl - Language

Feb. 9th, 2019 08:20 pm
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WOOF is playing an unholy cocktail of Doom mods, which among other things includes a HIGH POWERED LASER RIFLE.

Rifle: *pewpewpewpewpewpew!*
Demons: *blorf!*

Sqrlmog, watching over shoulder: "That is pretty pewtacular."
Woof, scoffing: "Pewtacular? That's not even a word."
Sqrlmog: "Oh, you want a WORD do you? A word that EXISTS?"
Sqrlmog: "That rifle is pretty pubic."
Woof, twitching: "NO. That... that's a word but it's ENTIRELY THE WRONG KIND OF WORD."
Sqrlmog: "Too bad. Enjoy inflicting puberty on the demons."
Woof: "Noooooooo that is so not how anything WORKS."
Sqrlmog, smug: "It is now."

Weird thing to have a dream about...

Feb. 9th, 2019 10:02 am
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I've had dreams that make up modifications to games like Doom and such before, but...Battleship? Really?

Anyway, apparently my mind decided to come up with a new way of playing that game:

-Each turn, you get as many shots as you have ships left. (This much is actually an accepted official game mode, called "Salvo")
-If you have more ships left than your opponent, your first X shots (X being the difference) are randomly decided by percentile dice: the 10s dice determines the letter coordinate (1=A, 2=B, ... 0=J) with the 1s determining the number (1=1, 2=2, ... 0=10). For example, if you have 5 ships and your opponent has 3, your first 2 shots will be randomized with the last 3 being where you like.
-If you sink an opponent's ship and still have a shot left, your next shot is randomized as above.

ABANDONED: GET OUT of this Dungeon

Feb. 8th, 2019 10:22 pm
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"Well," I told myself, "I just finished Chocolate Castle. I feel like I'm in the mood for Lexaloffle Games to continue hurting me, but I don't want to spend another eight years on a massive project. What do they have that's bite-sized? Oh, an entire community of PICO-8 games, of course."

GET OUT of this Dungeon is a decently competent Metroidvania, which is pretty impressive when one considers that someone made this in PICO-8. You are Santa, for some reason. You must get out of this dungeon, also for some reason.

It's all well and good, and I did dink around with it long enough to satisfy the "have I actually attempted to play this game" baseline for writing a post. Buuuuut it's a masocore spike hell game with finite lives (100, a decent supply, but still,) the controls are kind of fiddly which is not a good quality to have in a masocore spike hell game with finite lives, and it's just short enough not to have a save feature yet long enough that people are posting their completed screens in the comments with times ranging from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Nnnnnnnah. If I'm feeling an itch for Metroidvanias, I, uh. I have other options.

COMPLETE: Chocolate Castle

Feb. 8th, 2019 05:18 pm
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Much like Zen Puzzle Garden, I picked this up in the Humble Voxatron Bundle back in 2011 and it has been haunting me ever since. Now all I need to do is play Jasper's Journeys and I can finally exorcise the spirit of Lexaloffle from this household, I suppose. Man does it feel like an accomplishment to be done with this one, though.

So. Klotski puzzles. Also known as "sliding" puzzles, "daughter in the box" or "princess in a box" puzzles, "rush hour" puzzles, or "everyone's least favorite part of any given Professor Layton game" puzzles. With me so far?

Chocolate Castle is a slight variation in that many (but not all) blocks are various colored pieces of chocolate. The goal to clear any given stage is to have all of the chocolate eaten (the puzzle is solved when no more chocolate exists on the board) which one accomplishes by via the matching-colored animals. So, for example, if you drag that dark brown dog onto a dark brown chocolate block, the dog will eat the block and then disappear. Furthermore, if you end a move with two chocolate pieces of the same color touching each other, they fuse and are considered one block of that combined shape from then on. This often makes for a very interesting dynamic where you eventually need to Daedalian Opus every matching-colored piece together into one because you usually only have one animal of that color and need to get rid of all of it at once, but you'll want to keep them unfused so they're small enough to get around each other until the very end, which means you'll have to be very careful about where you move.

For the most part, it's a gimmick that's interesting enough to make Klotski enjoyable, which is honestly saying something. When they remembered to use that gimmick to good effect in the actual puzzle design, many of the levels were the best kind of brain-breaking fun, something I was delighted to be stuck on and mad-scientist-cackling when I finally solved. On the other hand, sometimes there's this bullshit.

Chocolate Castle has 120 built-in puzzles (40 each of Easy/Medium/Hard.) There's also an editor for the community to fling rooms at each other, and each puzzle keeps track of how many moves it took in case you want to go for a speedrun or something. I cannot possibly begin to convey the extent to which I don't care; if it took me 200 moves to get through a goddamn ocean of chocolate bricks, the important thing is I got through it.

And it only took, what, eight years?

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