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Apr. 20th, 2019 06:38 pm
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I have a lot of steam to get out because finals week is closer and I decided to take a giant risk of something I found impossible when I was still attempting to draw: animation. When I was.... ffffourteen, every frame felt so agonizingly painful to draw that my boredom would show in my drawings with how sloppy they were.

I think my younger self would be frothing at the mouth if I showed him this. Hell, I'm flapping my arms at some of the frames and how pretty they look on their own ;u; 

What did I learn? Baby steps make the dream work--happen, yes.


Dream of Last Night: ...???

Apr. 17th, 2019 11:07 am
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Woke up to the power being out, so I went back to sleep.

Woke up again to the power still being out, so I rolled over and figured out how to get my phone to connect to the sky and dug around and found the wireless keyboard and ...

..oops, too long, out of memory error, no dream found.

So this is ... recording that I actually HAD a dream but have forgotten it.

Make something up, it'll make as much sense anyway.

Where to find me!

Apr. 16th, 2019 11:06 pm
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Oops I keep forgetting I have this thing. And apparently I've done nothing since I've gotten it except make comments. Well, chances are I'm going to keep forgetting this exists so if you want to keep up to date on what's happening with me, I can be found on Twitter or Snouts.Online, a Mastodon community! (It's like Twitter but a lot more chill, more space for words, and content warnings!)

Recordkeeping: Escape Lala COMPLETE

Apr. 15th, 2019 07:06 pm
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A short pixelriffic pointyclicker where you're trapped in a cave and your goal is to solve puzzles.

I mean escape.

But mostly I mean solve puzzles, because you're not escaping until every puzzle in your way is solved and every piece of inventory is clicked on something else, be it in the world or elsewhere in your inventory. You can collect hint coins and I used a few, because some puzzles were not only not intuitive, but I think the solution for them in the gameworld either didn't exist or was extremely obtuse.

That said I solved a couple of puzzles by accident so there's also that.

Anyway this was twenty minutes of puzzles and not bad. Sometimes you just want to solve adventure game puzzles because you're there and so are they. This is for those times.

Dream of Last Night: A tune.

Apr. 15th, 2019 09:24 am
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Woke up with a piece of music that was on the radio in my dream still in my mind.

Daft Punkian "we can afford this lyric, one drum machine and a vocoder" sort of production values. (EDIT: Maybe Nine Inch Nails? Something.)

For this to have defeated me
I have to be in a state of insecurity
For this to have deleted me
I have to be in a state of insecurity
For you to have mistreated me
You have to be in a state of insecurity
There is no getting rid of me
You can't keep me in a state of insecurity

S'catchy, I'll give it that.
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Going back to Iowa for a week on vacation with family tomorrow. It's been quite a while since I've been out there...

To put it in perspective here as I just did on Telegram, the last time I was out there I'm not 100% sure [personal profile] jesterelijah had been born yet. That realization just slammed the "press this to feel old" button.

*rattles head*
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This wasn't as spectacular as its sequel, but for a starting place and home base for the series to work outward from, it was pretty strong. Any mystery dungeon is better than no mystery dungeon and this sure was some mystery dungeon gameplay, with things not really getting difficult or engaging until the final dungeon's lengthy climb skyward.

The story was present and written decently, if pitched ... well, a bit young. (Yes, in this children's monster collecting game. I know.) There were still a couple of times where I was like "Oh my gosh you're flashing back to STUFF THAT JUST HAPPENED" but that's one problem that got WAY worse in the sequel, so things flowed very smoothly here.

Mostly I feel sad I never developed any strong emotional connections here. I just wasn't feeling anything. This is unlikely to show up in the end of the year awards, I'm afraid.

Does make me look forward to Super Mystery Dungeon though.
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After failing to beat SRW X, I was concerned that maybe I was burned out on the entire series for a while.

SRW T neatly clipped that thought off at the root. It's good, it's REAL good, and I played it nonstop until it was done.

Part of it was the series roster. Cowboy Bebop was a neat inclusion, Gun X Sword had the incomparable El Dora V team, G Gundam and Gunbuster and GaoGaiGar are three of my favorite series...

More importantly, this one felt like it had a theme and a storyline it wanted to tell with the inclusion of most of the series, instead of SRW X which felt strongly like "Uh, we're all here, now. I guess. Because... we have robots."

This was a deeply satisfying installment, and it feels good to have played through. Looks like I'm gonna keep on buyin' these every year, huh?

Birthday Pile: First Impressions

Apr. 10th, 2019 11:20 am
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Whoops forgot to do this thing I do when I get a collection of games. It was my birthday 2 days ago and now I'm, as my mom says, officially an adult. I had some delicious Jones root beer instead of alcohol and I got a few things :3 This list is a bit shorter from my Christmas because I mostly got action figures for photography purposes which I will post here as well, after the video games:

Changed: I wasn't surprised when I got this in my inbox, what I am surprised of is hhhhow hard it is? It does not joke around when it comes to stealthing and puzzles and I'm at the beginning of the game >-> It caters to the furries with really cute designs and it's got an interesting plot behind it. I am a determined boy so I will attempt to get through it and I will probably yell/live blog a lot to Celine and Sara.

Tadpole Tremble: I'm a fan of Brawl in the Family so being gifted this was really nice :3 Even though I really suck at rhythm games, because my brain received information a little slower than normal. So, watching out for piranhas while trying to dodge obstacles AND grabbing bubbles/hitting things is a trial for me, but I am on what I think is the last level, which is giving me the most trouble but this game totally has replay value. I really like the western level, that was fun :D It's more favorable than Space Channel 5 imo.

Stardew Valley: A game that's been on my list for a while. I could never get into Harvest Moon, growing up. I didn't like the time system, I felt rushed playing it. Stardew Valley is a lot more chill even with the clock and NPCs. They feel likeable to me and I already have my eye on the person I want to marry, Sebastian. And you can be gay, which is a moon leap above Harvest Moon. I really enjoy the calmness of it. Shane could learn some damn manners though, jeez.

All the DLC for Borderlands: .... I bought this way before my birthday because, Hello. Borderlands. I don't have much to be said here other than they were fun to experience and I learned a lot more about Hammerlock than I thought I would. I also pre-ordered Borderlands 3 so that's fucking exciting

Anyway, PHOTOS, I haven't gotten to doing any post production yet, so these are the raw files to say the least 




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