Date: 2016-05-16 06:21 pm (UTC)
davidn: (Jam)
From: [personal profile] davidn
Dr Dos also implicated Flimsy Parkins over on Twitter, so it sounds like we have agreement on who was responsible - thanks! And it's interesting that... while I was right about the lollipop grove board being from another game, it was made for another game that was itself corrupted in this way. (Or perhaps it's even older than that. Who knows.)

I remember you could see the upload queue no matter who you were, and the files were downloadable even if they hadn't been put up (I think I was a moderator on the board once but I didn't have any privileges on the main site) - I found this because I was checking every so often for its status, the movement of the queue being a bit slow even ten years ago. I remember the "use_this_one" file distinctly, but I'm pretty sure the original file had also been replaced - perhaps because of him trying to upload a decoy and then realizing that you could just overwrite them by uploading one with the same name, I'm not sure.

I would have been immensely confused - and very disappointed - if I hadn't noticed this at the time and the game had gone out with the changes in place. But it's sort of nice, ten years on, to know that this wasn't done in any sort of malice but just because he was a bit mental.
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