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Continuing my look through the back catalogue of the great Epic Megagames, covering their history from ZZT to Unreal Tournament! This episode is about the first four graphical games that Epic released in 1992 - it’s called Ventures in VGA even though one of them isn’t.

Features Jill of the Jungle, Kiloblaster, Brix and Overkill.

Date: 2018-04-01 09:18 am (UTC)
chalcedony_starlings: Two scribbled waveforms, one off-black and one off-white, overlapping, on a flat darkish purpleish background. (scribble twins)
From: [personal profile] chalcedony_starlings

(−) Eee.

  • 2:31: did you really just call that weapon a “sort of fidget spinner”? c..c
  • 6:31: okay, I approve of that sound.
  • 6:58: plus the ability to save.
  • 11:55: wow, the tilesets really are similar.
  • 14:21: that's not surprising in that era, I think; mostly thinking of Chip's Challenge here.

I am enjoying these. ^..^

Date: 2018-04-01 07:29 pm (UTC)
kjorteo: Screenshot of the snake from Snake, Rattle & Roll looking excited, with the caption "Hooray for video games!" (Hooray for video games!)
From: [personal profile] kjorteo
I find the level of animation in the Jill games very striking, almost closer to the Prince of Persia end of the spectrum than comparable Apogee titles. Was this common for that era? I was really expecting you to mention it because it stuck out to me so much, but apparently not :)

I never understood two types of acid mechanic in Brix D: (Or Water vs. Quicksand as I always thought they were and called them, though the editor implies it's actually Water vs. Acid.) I mean, I understood it--like you said, they introduce them both early on and it's easy to learn from observation what each of them does. But I never understood why!

These are fantastic, thank you so much for all the research and effort you put into them :D

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