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Okay, I just got the true ending in 999 and I want to acknowledge that it is mental. I accidentally spent the entire day on it because I hadn’t realized that getting myself those last couple of endings would take as long as the rest of the game combined (it’s a bit like Bad Boys Love in that respect) - and I don’t know what I was expecting at the end, but it definitely wasn’t that fourth-wall-breaking Doctor Who time-stream gambit revelation pile-up. Are good visual novels all like this and Hatoful Boyfriend was just the first one that we encountered?

To have it revealed that the game has… known that number of things you didn’t all along - not just the multiple announcements shattering assumptions that you haven’t realized you’ve made about the plot, but even giving a reason why multiple endings exist and why you’ve seen them… I’m at a loss for words!

The fact that the final puzzle in the game is one of my worst nightmares definitely stabbed at me (and I know I’m going to have nightmares tonight) but it certainly made the impact all the greater.

Blimey. Play it, if you haven’t.

(I would also have been less frustrated if during the ending’s final countdown (da da daaaa daaaa) the characters would just let me react with some urgency and solve the puzzle instead of yammering away at each other for fully seven minutes - the narration remains overly verbose throughout.)

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